Protective Orders

An adult member of a family or household can approach the El Paso County Attorney's Office and request the office to file on their behalf an application for protective order if that person alleges he/she is a victim of family violence. Family violence means an act by a member of a family or household against another member of the family or household that is intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault or that is a threat that reasonably places the member in fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, assault or sexual assault, dating violence or abuse.

After a hearing, if a Court finds that family violence has occurred and is likely to occur in the future, a judge will sign a protective order prohibiting the person found to have committed family violence from going to or near the residence or place of employment of the person protected by the order for a period not exceeding two years. Also, the Court can prohibit the person from possessing or carrying a firearm. In addition, there are numerous other prohibitions the Court can enact against the person who is found to have committed family violence. Lastly, the Court will typically order the person found to have committed family violence to complete a battering intervention and prevention program requiring the person to submit to about 40 hours of counseling.

While having a protective order entered against you is not criminal in nature, it can be very onerous and have far reaching effects upon one's ability to seek and maintain employment and other adverse ramifications.

Unfortunately, sometimes a family member that seeks a protective order against a spouse or significant other falsely alleges that family violence has occurred when in fact it did not. Sometimes a person making such false allegations simply wants to cause harm and distress to their spouse or significant other. Other times, perhaps false allegations are made in order to enable the person making the allegations to gain a distinct advantage in divorce proceedings wherein custody of children and division of property and debt may be at issue.

If an application for protective order has been filed against you, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Mr. Patton. Mr. Patton will use his experience and knowledge of the Texas Protective Order process and strongly advocate on your behalf in Court.

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