Military Retirement

Military retirement benefits or pensions are a valuable asset for any family and often the cornerstone of a couple's plans for the future. Unlike a typical retirement plan, these pensions cannot be borrowed from or divided before the military member has served his or her full term of 20 years. However, according to the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA), a military pension is eligible to be considered community property and included in the division of property during a divorce.

At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton, we are experienced in assisting military spouses, as well as military members, during this process. We put our legal knowledge to work protecting your interests and what is legally yours during the division of property process.

Experienced Guidance In The Division Of Military Retirement Benefits During A Military Divorce

The non-military spouse must obtain a court order for the pension to be included in the division of property as community property. Generally, the couple will come to an agreement together on how that pension should be divided. If the couple cannot agree, the decision will go to the judge.

In some cases, the couple may decide to divide the pension amount by granting the non-military spouse a certain percentage of the pension. In other cases, the couple may decide on a specific dollar figure.

Whether you are a military member or the spouse of a military member seeking part of his or her pension, it is critical that you have an attorney who is experienced in the division of military retirement benefits. This is a complex matter with legal issues that many typical family law lawyers are unfamiliar with.

Attorney Craig A. Patton has dedicated years of legal practice to helping servicemen and servicewomen, as well as spouses of military members, in protecting their legal interests through this process. He is equipped with the legal understanding and strategies needed to produce results and ensure that you are granted what is legally yours.

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