Your Rights And Options As A Grandparent

Grandparents play an integral part of most children's lives. Family dynamics and disputes can sometimes interfere with the time grandparents are allowed to spend with their grandchildren. In other cases, there may be a pressing need for the grandparent to take on full legal custody of the children in place of the biological parents.

At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton, we help grandparents understand their rights and legal options, whether to see their grandchildren or to be granted legal rights in raising the children. This can be a complicated legal matter, requiring knowledgeable guidance. We are equipped with the experience and strategies needed to deliver solutions that fit the situation and protect the best interests of the child.

Legal Solutions For Grandparent Rights And Grandchild Custody

In the state of Texas, grandparents do not have many actual rights outright. There are legal strategies, however, that can help grandparents gain access to seeing their grandchildren, should parents or other family members attempt to block that relationship.

There are also family law strategies for helping grandparents gain legal custody of the children. This is often particularly necessary if something happens to one or both of the parents, or if the parents are no longer fit to care for the children. In many cases like this, the grandparent has also effectively been raising the child, but needs legal authority for key decisions.

With years of experience in Texas family law, attorney Craig A. Patton delivers innovative and knowledgeable strategies to produce workable options and agreements that are in the best interests of the child.

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