How Much Visitation Can I Get?

Child visitation is one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce. At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton, we represent mothers and fathers seeking visitation time with their children. We work with parents both during the initial divorce process, as well as parents seeking to modify visitation orders and fathers who have recently established paternity.

It has been found that it is most healthy for a child to be given as much time as possible with both parents so that he or she can continue to cultivate a healthy relationship with both the mother and the father. Courts generally strive to create a visitation or parenting plan that is built on a normal and predictable schedule and allows both parents to see the child as much as possible.

Attorney Craig A. Patton has significant experience helping parents achieve as much visitation time as possible. We are committed to helping you maintain your parents' rights and your relationship with your children now and in the future.

Contested Child Custody And Visitation Disputes Between Parents

In some cases, things can get ugly. It is not uncommon for parents to get caught up in the anger and emotion of a divorce and go to great lengths to block the other parent from seeing the children or having any visitation rights. This could include false accusations, exaggerated stories or the other parent simply refusing to comply with an existing visitation order. In other situations, however, a parent may have valid concerns about letting their children spend time with the other parent.

The court deals with these situations by appointing a domestic relations office (DRO) to assess the situation and work with both parties about any concerns in an effort to facilitate an agreement with the parents about visitation. The DRO will thoroughly investigate all claims and allegations, including talking with witnesses and conducting background checks before delivering a report to the court.

Throughout this process, we zealously represent the interests of our clients, protecting their custody rights and fighting for the best interests of the child in the given situation. Our team is experienced in dealing with these difficult matters, and we have the legal solutions you need on your side.

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