Custody And Military Families

For military men and women, family law and child custody matters have an additional level of complexity. Between moving frequently for assignments and the possibility of being deployed, additional arrangements are necessary to dictate exactly how the child will be cared for in the military parent's absence.

At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton, we are experienced in representing the interests of servicemen and servicewomen throughout Texas, as well as their spouses and former spouses. Attorney Craig A. Patton and our team have the legal strategies needed to deal with these issues head-on and create solutions that protect your rights as a parent while preserving the best interests of the children involved.

Solutions In Child Custody Situations Involving A Military Parent

If the military parent is the custodial parent, the non-military parent will likely request that special arrangements are made in the divorce decree that outline how custody will be handled in case of a deployment. These arrangements are made in a family care plan. This plan outlines whether the non-military parent will be given primary custody or if the custodial duties will be given to someone else such as a grandparent or close family member.

We are experienced in advocating on behalf of clients in the midst of these negotiations, making sure that the child is put in the correct care should a deployment occur. Whether you are a service member or the spouse of a member of the military, we will provide a clear understanding of your rights, given your current situation and the legal strategies available to fight for what you feel is in the best interests of your child.

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