1. What is the cost of the initial consultation?

We charge $50.00 for the initial consultation. This is a significant discount from our standard hourly rate. You will be given very important legal advice and information that is specific to your circumstances and the facts of your case.

In recent years, some attorneys have begun advertising free consultations. So why should you choose to pay when you can get something for free?

In the first place, you will meet with Mr. Patton for up to an hour. You will not meet with a paralegal or staff member whose primary job is to recruit you as a client and who cannot give you legal advice. Mr. Patton will answer your questions, give you advice and describe your options for resolving your legal issues.

2. Why do I need an attorney?

Divorce, probate and family law issues are complex. A skillful, knowledgeable and well-trained attorney can do his utmost to ensure that his client's rights and interests are safeguarded and protected.

3. How much does a divorce cost?

It depends. Every case is different and we cannot guarantee how much the total cost will be. Like all other good family law attorneys, we bill by the hour. The cost depends on the amount of time Mr. Patton is required to spend on your case. The amount of time depends on the issues and the level of controversy surrounding those issues. As a general rule, the more contested a case becomes between the parties involved, the more legal fees will be incurred. Cases that must be tried in Court are always more expensive than those that can be settled out of Court.

It is impossible to predict how much attorney's fees and expenses will be incurred throughout the litigation process, unfortunately, we do not have a crystal ball. Mr. Patton charges by the hour. The total number of hours varies widely, and is dependent upon the complexity of the property, child custody issues and other complicated factors. The cost of legal fees is a natural concern for anyone facing the financial impact of a divorce or other family law case. We make every effort to resolve cases in an amicable manner, simply and efficiently, to minimize the cost of our clients.

4. Can my spouse prevent me from getting a divorce?

Typically, if a spouse wants to get a divorce in this state he/she can do so and the other spouse cannot prevent it. Texas is a no-fault state. In other words, a spouse need only allege a conflict of personalities and no hope of reconciliation in order to obtain a divorce.

5. Can my spouse and I hire the same attorney?

No. In Texas an attorney may not ethically represent both sides of the litigation. Obviously, whether it is a divorce or other family law case, both parties have adversarial interests and therefore it is impossible for an attorney to represent both parties in their case.

6. How long does it take to get a divorce?

Texas law requires once a petition for divorce is filed that the parties wait at least 60 days before the Court can grant a divorce. This does not mean the divorce is granted automatically on the 60th day, however, if the parties are able to reach an amicable settlement as to all issues in the case before the expiration of the 60 days, there is no reason why the divorce cannot be finalized within a few weeks thereafter. Obviously, the more complex and contested the case, the longer it will take to finalize.

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