El Paso Divorce Attorney

For more than 30 years, the Law Office of Craig A. Patton has helped take the fear out of divorce and family law legal proceedings. Our very personalized service focuses on the individual needs of each client, because no two families are alike. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your legal concerns and challenges. We are ready to advise you of your options and guide you through whatever legal processes are likely to help you achieve your goals.

Active Listener — Powerful Advocate

At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton, we strive to empower our clients by actively listening to their concerns and advocating for the best interests of their families. Our clients are treated with respect, and are given the attention they need and deserve during this challenging time in their lives.

Attorney Craig A. Patton and his staff empower our clients by preparing them for every stage of the litigation or settlement process.

Divorce Is Not A Game; It Is A Parting Of Ways, And It Can Be Accomplished Respectfully.

Divorce is a serious life transition, but it is not about winning or losing a war. Two people who have been united in marriage will go their separate ways. When children are involved, they will likely spend time with parents separately for the rest of their lives.

Allowing the process of divorce to generate a winner or loser only creates more confusion and sadness. A prolonged legal conflict creates a financial and emotional drain that leaves families hurting. A court battle is not inevitable, even in the case of a high-asset divorce.

While there are times that litigation is the only alternative, even challenging property division and child custody issues can often be settled amicably and reasonably, with respect for the needs of both spouses and in the best interests of children.

Prospective clients sometimes ask whether our firm is aggressive, especially in the courtroom. Rest assured that when a contested divorce heads in this direction, the Law Office of Craig A. Patton is prepared to fight for your interests, aiming for the best possible outcome for you.

There is, however, a big difference between being aggressive and being unreasonable — and the courts do not favor the latter. It is nearly always better to compromise and settle your case with certainty rather than to risk the unknowns of litigation.

West Texas Lawyer Providing An Array Of Family Law And Estate-Related Services

In addition to handling divorces and their ancillary areas such as child support (including attorney general cases) and modifications, we also offer other services such as probate and wills, adoptions, paternity actions and representation in grandparent issues.

At the Law Office of Craig A. Patton in central El Paso, our philosophy is to furnish our clients with the highest standard of legal services available, while keeping financial and emotional expenditures to a minimum. If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please call 915-255-1888 for an appointment.